Advantages of Remote working

If you use the right tools, practices and mindset, there are many advantages in remote working. Some of the benefits that our people have seen are as follows:
  • Remote working is more productive as the focus is more intense. This can also hold true for pairing.
  • When you have your own space, you can speak more freely (when both parties are in a situation to do so). This can promote more honest interactions. Contrast this with working in an open plan office where people may avoid having intense discussion.
  • Remote working can increase quality of life due to less travelling time, better marriages, more time for work and more time for yourself.
  • Often, home connectivity, upload speeds, download speeds and latency is better than in the office.
  • The removal of location barriers allows for the selection of talent from a much larger pool.

Disadvantages of Remote working

  • Often, home connectivity, upload speeds, download speeds and latency are worse than in the office.
  • It is easy for people to feel isolated both from the team and, more often, from the wider organisation to which they belong.
  • When working remotely, you lose the work-life separation when the physical distinction between home and work is removed. Some people find it hard to unplug and stop thinking about work when they are away from their jobs.
  • A lack of relationships between teammates can develop, as they fail to both interact regularly and gain trust and common ground.
  • Where there is a fast-changing environment and people on-site, it can be difficult to keep remote workers up to speed with all the goings-on.