Links to some great Playbooks, Tools & Articles

Using hand gestures can improve your experience of video calls | New Scientist
New Scientist
Building a Remote Career: Advice from Six People Who've Done It
Ambition & Balance
What Is ChatOps?
Sharing our remote first processes, tools and guidelines for fellow corona-dodgers - Super Evil Megacorp
Super Evil Megacorp
Companies who Adopt Remote Work will Replace Every Company who Doesn't
Remote versus Co-located Work
The ultimate guide to remote work
My Remote Work Playbook
Remote Work in Ops
15 Beautiful Tools For Managing Time Zone Differences
I Done This Blog
Pivotal Engineering Journal
Pivotal Engineering Journal
We Work Remotely | Remote Hiring Guide: Intro
We Work Remotely
How we cultivate Slack to help us communicate better | Equal Experts
Equal Experts
The 2022 Complete Guide to Remote Work [W/ Tips & Tricks]
Remote: Office Not Required
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