Office Hours

Be respectful of different time zones and try to schedule calls that are inside of everyone’s working hours when possible. Use tools like to find a convenient time for everyone, and enable Secondary Time Zone in Google Calendar settings to see other regions’ times from within your calendar.
Publicise what the team's collectively overlapping core hours are. Don't forget about daylight saving different public holidays and working weeks.
Use this time wisely. Things that you need to do as a group do in the overlapping time, things you can do without the group do when it isn't. Oh, and try and avoid booking meetings with teammates that are outside their core hours.
Maintain core hours for your timezone, so at least people will know when they can expect you to be available. Unfortunately, due to time zones, not everyone can be present in core hours, so if you have an important discussion with a stakeholder or client, then record the conversation on zoom. That way, all team members can gain context when they get into work.