Remote Documentation

As with pair programming, being able to pair and collaborate on documents brings many of the same benefits. In the remote setting, this means using a tool that allows simultaneous and frictionless editing rather than authoring a document, sending to some to review and make corrections then sending it back (rinse and repeat). Some of the tools have limitations on the features, however, this gap is fast closing and is usually related to personal preference rather than missing features.

Google Docs

What’s not to love, good balance of features without unnecessary clutter, and the simultaneous editing is (still) almost magical. Free to use, and as with all the google tools, the only issue is sometimes corporates block people trying to collaborate and be efficient.

Google Sheets

Features are fast catching up to the spreadsheet king Excel, but what you can’t do, isn’t worth doing anyway. Collaboration capability is great.

Google Slides

Still quite limited in features when you compare it to something like Keynote, but the collaboration capability is still far superior.


It advertises itself as the best online whiteboard tool, I’m not sure about that, but it is the best we’ve come across to date. The free option can get you going but you may have to pay when your team grows.